Sunday, 17 June 2012

ZARA FANTASY FABRIC COAT- D.I.Y -Dylon pebble beige machine dye

I got this coat from Zara that I was drooling over for weeks! Literally making a daily trip to the nearest store every morning before work (0.2miles) because I just had to make sure it was still there and still pretty. The only thing that stopped me from parting with my money and buying it was the colour. Cream/ivory/white whatever you want to call it, it's just so dangerous having a coat/jacket in that colour, if you're as messy as I am or just on a horrible dirty underground commute daily.

 So I thought, why not buy it then dye it.....

(My thoughts at the time)
'What a risk, It could all go wrong, It might not work, what if it looks like dirt? It's a £99 coat ! What the hell, lets just do it!'
So here I have the documented pictures of my journey from Cream to Pebble Beige and I was very happy with the results.

500g of salt added to the dylon powder...mother was not happy with the loss of salt. 

she also told me I was going to make the washing machine rust by doing this....





 You might love it or hate it. But I love it !

                                                   Please comment on your thoughts. :) 

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